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Actual Solutions for Practical Innovators

The technology hype cycle makes it hard to see signal through noise. We cut through the jargon so you can apply what is real to transform your business.

The Bureau starts with your business goals and helps you transform your business strategy by injecting the use of exponential technologies.

         "“The only way you survive is to continuously transform into something else. It's this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company.” 


- Ginni Rometty CEO IBM 




Consistent Innovation is no accident

Without a structured framework, it will never move away from a few scattered rebels driving limited impact.



An Innovation Focused Advisory

Vision drives passion

Lack of organizational belief to a broader mission instantly kills innovation initiatives.  

Measurable KPIs drive commitment across the organization

Innovation initiatives often run out of steam because leadership doesn’t understand the value and removes the budget. 

Adopt a new project methodology

Trying to innovate through old-school non-innovative methodologies drive failure. Instead, transition to an iterative model across planning through execution.



We’ve adopted learnings from agile software development, and applied them to create a new framework to drive rapid, measurable outcomes for any business or technical need. We make objective progress, quickly.


Experienced Practitioners

We know you have an ever increasing customer demand to develop and deliver better products and services, faster and cheaper.

Our goal is to solve your specific problems through following a structured approach across all your business units and, most importantly, addressing  cultural adoption to a focused solution. 

We’ve seen your problems. Our belief is that we should  innovate on your “Why” before we can talk through “What,” and “How,” 


McGraw Matthew, Chief Executive Officer

Matt is an entrepreneur and CEO with expertise in quickly scaling successful businesses. After leading and shepherding a versatile range of tech companies, Matt’s current focus is on technologies that disrupt hierarchies, and disseminate control of secure information to data users, ranging from individuals to enterprise clients. As CEO and co-founder of The Bureau, Matt uses his innate design thinking focus to complement a belief that good corporate governance and culture make success possible.

Matt’s wife, 6 kids and 2 dogs ensure he has focus every single day.



Kevin Eison, Chief Intelligence Officer

Kevin runs The Bureau as Chief Intelligence Officer and Director of Digital Innovation. Kevin comes from a diverse background managing and leading  AT&T’s Application Development Teams as well as Apple’s Enterprise Business Teams. More recently he served as COO at Rocket Science Consulting a Silicon Valley based group where he grew and prepared the company for acquisition during the last mobile tech boom. Kevin studied Chemical Engineering at Cal Berkeley and is a trained Computer Scientist. However, none of this matters since his biggest accomplishments are his beautiful family, his two kids and wife. 

Patrik Wijkstrom, Chief Strategy Officer

Patrik Wijkstrom is the Chief Strategy Officer and Special Agent-in-Charge. A co-founder of The Bureau, Patrik brings 20 years of driving innovation across Startups through Enterprises by injecting frameworks and methodologies to drive lasting impact. Prior to entering the startup world in 2016, he spent five years in leading advisory firms, including PwC. Before 2011, he held a wide range of roles within high-tech organizations, such as Juniper Networks. 

He lives outside San Francisco, with his wife Ann, and two dogs, Raven and Gryphon. 


Sample Clients


pngme is a borderless mobile finance platform that gives users access to mobile based payments and savings accounts, a financial app market, and a digital footprint based credit score using Zero Knowledge Proofs




A data-centric distributed ledger with comprehensive data-management, security, scalability, and governance… all with no transaction fees.

Nano Vision

Nano Cure Platform is a connectivity and AI/data platform for accelerating the development and
delivery of cures to a broad spectrum of cancers, infectious diseases and health conditions.

Projects and counting

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