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Actual Solutions for Practical Innovators

The technology hype cycle makes it hard to see signal through noise. We cut through the jargon so you can apply what is real to transform your business.

The Bureau starts with your business goals and helps you transform your business strategy by injecting the use of exponential technologies.

         "41 % of all SMBs  plan to use  blockchain technology next year and it is forecasted to become a $11.7 Billion industry by 2022."


- Deloitte 2018




Who we help

Sample industry challenges.


The Gaming industry currently falls short in providing full protection for creative property, flushed out gamification models, and gaming asset longevity and liquidity.

Big Data

Big Data struggles with the provenance of trusted data, and its limited ability to conform to stricter privacy rules like GDPR when analyzing into sensitive customer and consumer information.  


Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities require vastly improved solutions for secure data sharing and device interoperability.


With added demands for Healthcare data to be secure, transmittable, and overall more efficient. 

Supply Chain

Increasing demands for trusted, secure, interoperable integrations of supply chain data between vendors cause added cost, reduce transaction speed and lack of transparency. 


Rapidly increasing demands on speed, security, cost, and reconciliation of payments require new solutions.

How we work


We’ve adopted learnings from agile software development, and applied them to create a Continuous Innovation model to drive rapid, measurable outcomes for any business or technical need. We make objective progress, quickly.


The Team:

Going Beyond Blockchain

The Bureau team comes from a diverse and experienced backgrounds ranging from PwC Managers to technical consultants who have built, managed, and scaled up teams and projects for startups all the way to Fortune 10 companies.

Their previous experiences combined with their blockchain expertise has helped them curate the beneficial and successful client engagement model.


Sample Clients


pngme is a borderless mobile finance platform that gives users access to mobile based payments and savings accounts, a financial app market, and a digital footprint based credit score using Zero Knowledge Proofs




A data-centric distributed ledger with comprehensive data-management, security, scalability, and governance… all with no transaction fees.

Nano Vision

Nano Cure Platform is a connectivity and AI/data platform for accelerating the development and
delivery of cures to a broad spectrum of cancers, infectious diseases and health conditions.

Projects and counting

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